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Babyfeeding matters
is an independent website which is written for parents by health professionals who have a special interest and expertise in babyfeeding. Our aim is to provide easily accessible, up-to-date, accurate information about all matters related to babyfeeding and to provide a free forum, where you can become part of an online support group.

Quicklink for information on taking painkillers when breastfeeding.
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Comment on your experience of baby feeding services and also provide feedback.
Tell your story - make a difference.

For women in Moray, we have a new survey on women's experiences of baby feeding in Moray:
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In Your Area
In your area
Find out what's happening in your local area: breastfeeding groups, baby massage etc.
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Online Telehealth Infant Feeding Support
is now available. Please contact the Infant Feeding Team in your area for further details.

Breastfeeding Quilt
NHSG would like your help in producing a Breastfeeding Quilt and we're requesting all interested people to sew panels, which will then be sewn together into one large quilt.
Download the entry form here.


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ForumYou can use the free forum to share your stories, concerns, successes and hot-tips regarding all matters related to babyfeeding. We would also appreciate feedback on how we can tailor the site to meet your specific needs.

We have guest access to the forum but registration is required to post messages - it's free to register and free to use.
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20 November 2017

Does Breastfeeding Really Reduce A Baby's Pain? Science Explains
Breastfeeding is superior to all other forms of non-pharmacologic interventions which have...
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13 November 2017

What Breastfeeding Position Is Best If Your Letdown Is Too Fast?
Lactation Consultants Weigh In. The key is to get baby nursing upright, with her head abo...
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