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What is Formula Milk?

Formula manufacturers start with the basic nutritional elements in cow's or soy milk and add ingredients until the mixture resembles human milk as closely as possible. This acts as a nutritional source until 12 months of age.

Once infant milk is started, most babies should be able to continue on the same milk throughout weaning until they progress to cow's milk at 12 months of age.

Cow's milk should not be used under 12 months of age because although cow's milk contains most of the nutrients necessary for a baby's growth and development under 12 months, they are not in the correct proportions. Low-fat and skimmed milk should also not be used as they do not provide enough nutrients for growth and development. Further, cow's milk contains too much protein which can lead to an increased risk of your baby developing sensitization (allergies/intolerance) to these proteins and the minerals in cow's milk are not easily absorbed.

You may be eligible for the Healthy Start programme which entitles you to vouchers to spend on formula milk as well as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and milk www.healthystart.nhs.uk

View/Download the PDF: "unicef.org.uk/../simple formula guide"




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