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Types of Formula Milk

Infant formula milks can be divided into 4 main groups and are available in liquid or powdered forms depending on the manufacturer.

Whey based formula is modified cows milk with a protein and chemical composition closely resembling breast milk. It is usually recommended as the first choice formula and can be used throughout the first year until cow's milk is introduced as a main drink.

Examples include:

  • SMA Gold (SMA Nutrition)
  • Cow and Gate Premium (Cow & Gate)
  • Farleys First Milk (Farley/Heinz)
  • Aptamil First (Milupa)
  • Hipp Organic Infant Formula (Hipp)

These are less highly modified milks and can be used from the age of 3 months. There is no scientific rationale to change from whey to casein dominant formula.

Examples include:

  • SMA White (SMA Nutrition)
  • Cow and Gate Plus (Cow and Gate)
  • Farleys Second Milk (Farleys/Heinz)
  • Milumil (Milupa)
  • Aptamil Extra (Milupa)

These milks can be used from 6 months of age as part of a weaning diet. They have a higher iron content, which is useful for babies at risk of iron deficient anaemia e.g. those who are slow to accept a weaning diet. These milks are not available on welfare foods scheme.

Examples include:

  • SMA progress (SMA Nutrition)
  • Cow and Gate Step up (Cow and Gate)
  • Farleys Follow on (Farleys/Heinz)
  • Milumil Forward (Milupa)

Special formulas should be used under a health professional's supervision. There are tailor made formula preparations for babies born prematurely and for infants who were small for gestational age ( low-birth-weight). These formulas are designed to encourage rapid growth.
Examples include nutriprem and osterprem.
Other specialized formulas are available depending on the problem a baby might have such as, e.g. metabolic disorders.




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